Security Camera Video Surveillance & Monitoring Services

Hire GuardVision to be your Business’s Video Surveillance Company

Here at GuardVision, we take security very seriously. That’s why we offer the best video surveillance monitoring solutions for companies, industrial facilities, private parties, and more all across the Houston area.

No matter what you need guarded, our security surveillance company will be able to help protect you, your customers, and your guests with the following security systems:

  • Pole-mounted camera systems
  • Mobile camera systems
  • Solar security cameras
  • Commercial surveillance systems

Dedicated, On-Demand Security Camera Monitoring Services

Once we’ve gotten your business set up with the best surveillance system, our dedicated virtual security guards will monitor and watch over your company, 24/7, from a secure location. Our advanced video surveillance monitoring services will help keep your company safe with around the clock security camera monitoring services. This optional service can be added anytime for a monthly fee per camera. Live monitoring overnight means peace of mind.

Our security cameras offer a better alternative to traditional security guards and will watch over your property, business, or party the entire time you need them. Unlike security guards, our outdoor surveillance cameras will be able to track everything that’s happening on your property all at once and save the footage for up to 365 days.

Better Than Live Guards at a Fraction of the Cost

GuardVision’s monitoring service keeps watch over your property during the times that burglary and vandalism are most likely to occur. With the ability to track your camera while you are away, you can react when something or someone seems out of place. Our state of the art monitoring technology detects and analyzes data to identify humans or vehicles, then transmits a live video to the monitoring team to review. The team then actively deters theft by activating sirens, strobe lights or warning messages and will notify the property manager or police upon noticing any unwanted or suspicious activity.

Affordable, Business Surveillance Monitoring Solutions

Our Custom Commercial Business Surveillance Solutions provide the best custom virtual security for numerous industries and outdoor applications, including: Car Dealerships, Car Rental Facilities, Parking Lots, Warehouses, New Home Developments, Oil Field, Drill, & Equipment Sites, Retail Stores/Shopping Centers, Industrial Sites, Manufacturing Companies, Equipment Rental Facilities, Recycling Facilities


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