Security Camera Surveillance Systems
Security Camera Surveillance Systems


Wireless Video Surveillance Units

Our APEX Wireless Video Surveillance box units offer a fast, simple solution for businesses to either rent or purchase a security camera system. Having a camera system set up to secure and monitor business costs a fraction of hiring security guards, and means eyes are watching all angles of your property 24/7. Whether you’re looking for temporary site security or a long term security solution, GuardVision will work with you to strategically install the right security camera solution for your business.

Our APEX box can be professionally installed by a GuardVision service technician or shipped direct to customers for self install. These wireless camera surveillance units are extremely customizable for indoor and outdoor business security. Live streaming of the video feed is available 24/7 with up to 365 days of recording history. The wireless network links together for remote installation and connection of multiple cameras to fit any security solution that your business may need.

Affordable, Effective Wireless Commercial Security

Our APEX wireless video surveillance box units provide security cameras for numerous industries and applications, including: Construction Sites, Car Dealerships, Car Rental Facilities, Parking Lots, Warehouses, New Home Developments, Storage Facilities

APEX Product Highlights:

Standard Features:

  • High Resolution Cameras
  • Red & blue strobe lights
  • Two tone siren with voice warning in English & Spanish
  • Battery backup protection
  • Vital Sign Monitoring (VSM)
  • Internet connectivity for remote viewing,VSM & Central Station (CS)
  • Fast, flexible deployment
  • 24/7 on-site, event based recording
  • Advanced analytic based motion triggering
  • Lease or purchase
  • Remote configuration support
  • Temporary & permanent installation or buildings or structures

Optional Feature Upgrades:

  • Up to 12mp resolution per camera
  • Pan tilt zoom cameras
  • Thermal cameras
  • 100W led flood lights
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Solar power
  • Time lapse imaging
  • GuardVision video surveillance monitoring

APEX Technical Specs

Communication & Software

  • Live view of streaming video
  • Wireless network link for remote installations
  • Playback of recorded video
  • PC, IOS, and Android Viewable
  • Automated transmission of events to monitoring station – vital sign monitoring to know the condition of the unit
  • Password protected account access, management and control – communications built in or bridgeable to customer’s network
  • Complete network connected security module

Recording Capabilities

  • Auto record video events
  • Record by motion or I/O trigger events
  • Pre-alarm and post-alarm recording
  • Recording history from 4-365 days
  • On-board storage or cloud storage available

Power System

  • Powered by 110 AC with battery back-up
  • High efficiency camera system
  • Remotely monitored power system analytics
  • Low power operation

GuardVision Virtual Security Services

GuardVision is the best commercial security and surveillance company for security cameras in Houston, Texas. Whether you’re an international corporation, or a local, Houston based small business, our job is to keep your company, your assets and your people safe. Our fully customizable range of services ranges from mobile security to access control systems to 24/7 live monitoring to suit any virtual security needs.


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